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Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock hopes for “two or three” new signings in January, but warns his team must hang in there until then

Neil Warnock says Cardiff City may be able to sign two or three players in the January transfer window.

It’s been a tough start to the Premier League season for Cardiff City who are still without a win in their first seven games.

The Bluebirds are in danger of being left behind if they don’t begin to pick up wins soon, already sitting three points from safety.

However, it’s a challenge everyone connected with the Bluebirds expected, and for Neil Warnock, it’s just a case of hanging in there until January.

The Bluebirds boss hopes to sign ‘two or three’ players in the winter window, and until then, his players have to ensure they aren’t cut adrift.

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Speaking to BBC Sport Wales, Warnock said: “It’s the biggest challenge of my career, we have to find away of getting results until January.

“It has been a pretty amazing ride really, a lot of memorable times and probably as difficult a job as I have ever had in my career, really.

“We’ve got there (the Premier League) too quick though, we’ve been victims of our own success. Every few months we’ve jumped up two steps, rather than one.

“You can’t say no to the Premier League though. The bookies have already written us off, but we can win games at this level.

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“It is alright to say Vincent (Tan) should put more money in, but he’s spent a fortune already.

“We need to do the best we can. Let’s get more results and stay in and around the group until January and then Vincent I think will let us have two or three players.”

The Bluebirds boss continues to rue his failure to land a striker in the summer window.

Cardiff have been left limited for options in the striking department and that has been reflected on the pitch.

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Warnock continued to reflect on the failure to land a new front man, he added: “We went after quite a number of strikers, but they all fell through for one reason or another.

“Sometimes you have to move quickly and we hesitated on a couple of occasions and it cost us dearly.

“We are still learning, right from the start we’ve said we won’t moan about anything. We wanted a few more players but they aren’t here. There is no point crying over spilt milk.

“We’ve got to try and conjure up, up until the January transfer window. so that we don’t get adrift and that we can hopefully get two or three players in.

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“When you think to deadline day, we only got Harry Arter and Victor Camarasa in 10 minutes before deadline. Imagine where we’d be without those two.

“We’ve really worked hard, but it has been a difficult time for us and there is no point saying differently.

“We’ve come so far so quickly, but you can’t turn it down can you? When I joined we wanted to stay in the Championship, now we are in the Premier League.

“I have got to work within a budget and try and get the best I can. At the moment I don’t think we can do too much more.

“Sometimes it is difficult to digest, but you have to walk before you can run.”