Grassley stops Trump candidates for investigative general prosecution

Grassley stops Trump candidates for investigative general prosecution

Senator Chuck Grassley took action to stop thinking about the two Trump candidates for management until the White House provided more information about why he was expelling two general investigators.

Grassley’s hold will indefinitely prevent Christopher Miller as the director of the National Center for Counter-Terrorism, and Marshall Billingslea as a state secretary for arms control and international security.

“The Congress made it clear that if the president finds a reason to fire an inspector, that should be a good reason for that,” said the Iowa Republican, “Americans will blame political or self-interest. This is not good for the presidency or the accountability of the state. “

Grassley and most of his Democratic colleagues took weeks against the dissolution of the intelligence community general inspector, Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Inspector Steve Linick and Michael Atkinson.

Investigator generals serve as internal guard dogs for government agencies, and Grassley is known to be a long-standing champion.

“A little history / irony @realdonaldtrump Did you know that Hillary Clinton didn’t want a general investigator, so she didn’t have 1? Did you know that Kerry’s getting 1 is the top priority? This was Linick. Trying to get to the bottom of the email scandal, I found it 2b useful Now it’s gone! ” Grassley said Twitter with a public taunt of the president.

Linick’s dismissal came while investigating Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo’s allegations that he used official funds for personal riots and generous dinners for potential campaign donors.

The Trump Team also removed IGs from the Transport and Health and Human Services departments.

The Trump administration made no explanation for the termination beyond its legal and constitutional powers.

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