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Cardiff City release match ticket prices for upcoming 2018/19 Premier league campaign

Cardiff City have released their ticket prices for the upcoming 2018/19 Premier League season.

The price of Premier League football in South Wales has been revealed with the Bluebirds releasing their ticket prices for the upcoming season.

Inevitably, there has been a price increase from the match pricing of last season, when Neil Warnock and his men were playing Championship football.

However, the price hike isn’t as steep as many may have expected. The most expensive general sale adult ticket has only risen by £10, while for under-16s, the rise is only £4.

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The cheapest tickets follow the same rise with Adult tickets again rising by £10, compared to a £4 rise in under-16 tickets.

Adult category A tickets, which includes games against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur range from £29 to £42 (£24-£12 for under-16s). However, the cheapest area is currently sold out.

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Meanwhile, for category C tickets, the cheapest of the three bands, which includes games against the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton, Watford, Burnley, Huddersfield and Fulham will set you back between £25 and £38 (£21 and £9 for under-16s). Again the cheapest area is sold out.

Tickets can be discounted with a club membership, which costs £25 for adults and £10 for under-16s, and this membership also gives you an earlier access to tickets before they go on general sale.

The Premier League caps all away tickets at £30, so the travelling Bluebirds faithful will only have to pay a maximum of £30 for an adult ticket at each ground this season.

For full ticket pricing details, click here.