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Apple’s iOS 14 borrows some features from Android

On Monday, apple (AAPL) explained A long list of updates, the latest iPhone operating system coming to iOS 14, arriving at the annual Worldwide Conference of Developers and some borrowed from features previously introduced by other tech companies Loose (BUSINESS)Facebook’s WhatsApp and of course Android owned by Google.

As part of the changes in iOS 14, the iPhone home screen will look a bit more like Android devices. iPhone users will soon be able to pin widgets or shortcuts of features available in an app to their home screen. It can now be stacked or customized on the basis of work, event or travel. Widgets have long been a part of Android devices as well as Windows phones.

Beyond that, Apple’s new App Library automatically organizes apps on your home screen so you don’t have to navigate a few pages, similar to Android’s app drawer.

Apple also introduced an important new feature called App Clips, which currently offers a small portion of the app for use, such as ordering food from a restaurant or paying for parking. A concept similar to that of Google instant application featurewhich was first announced With Google’s tool, applications and games can run without loading and allow users to try them first.

Apple also seems to have gotten some inspiration from a rival product to appeal to a pain point for some iPhone users: videos (and FaceTime calls) that take over the entire screen while performing another function. Now, users can switch to multitasking and other apps while watching a video with a Picture in Picture feature. Samsung Galaxy phones have been able to do this for years.

Apple has redesigned widgets that have been part of Android devices for a long time.
While technology companies are fond of revealing their unique “innovations”, it’s also common for them to copy or borrow features from one another, whether on Facebook. cloning Snapchat features or Samsung copy Apple.

Android isn’t the only place Apple has inspired. New updates for group chats such as talking directly to people have become popular features of WhatsApp and Slack messaging app Slack. Apple also lets you pin conversations to the top of your inbox. Pinning individual messages is a common function in Slack.

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